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Paul Lacey memorial
Together with the Banger managers, Camso decided to held the “PAUL LACEY MEMORIAL” on June 20, in stead of the World Cup on that date.
We think that it would not be wise to held that meeting earlier, because of covid. As vaccination is starting quickly everywhere, we can reasonably think that mid June, we will again have the possibility to accept a much bigger crowd than last year.
On the same meeting, we will also have another cracker: BANGERSTOX PRE 1980
For the Banger drivers: keep an eye on the Banger managers facebook: “camsobangers” and also on “www.camsobangers.com” for the bookings (MAXIMUM 70 BANGERS)

Bookings for the Paul Lacey Memorial 20-06-21 will open tonight at 6PM at the camsobanger site! 

Camso bangers

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