Bradford nieuws
Hier heet laatste nieuws rondom Bradford door Strartrax die de baan wil gaan promoten ( wel in Engels )

It is almost 12 months since we commenced again our aspiration to return Stock Cars to Odsal, the fourth attempt since 2001, having come very,very close in 2013 only to fail when OK Bulls went into administration.

Therefore this has been a lot of hard work, and for a few months in my own mind may have been again, speculative. However, we have continually negotiated with integrity from RFL COO Mr Tony Sutton who we cannot thank enough for his investment and interest and, yesterday, we have concluded a secure long term arrangement commercially that could see the sport secure at Odsal for 12 years. The agreement reached will require ratification by the RFL board early next month of which we are very positive. We held further discussions yesterday pmwith the new Bulls shareholders who, currently have a huge workload commitment in bidding for the Bulls to return in the Super League. From the beginning of this journey, we sought a commitment that both us and the Bulls approached Odsal jointly and together and what came across very clearly from the Bulls stakeholders [ again to whom we thank them for their time ] is a shared vision to save Odsal and see it return to its former glory. That really is positive fundamentally to us as it is about the commitment of our sports to regenerate Odsal for the city of Bradford.

Our next stage will be opening discussions with Bradford Council who are aware of the plans, to secure the necessary permissions we require and clarification of what was established in 2013 in terms of planning consent etc. We plan to move things along rapidly and are working to be able to offer more clarity on Sunday 6th December as, if we manage to tick all the boxes, it is our ambition to open the doors on Saturday 3rd April 2021. We are almost there! Whilst discussion has been detailed and taken some 12 months, reality is dawning that this has been the easy bit!
The dedication and work required to re-open it, refurbishment is massive and planning for that is underway however just to open the doors for sport will require joint investment of at least £500,000. When we get to this stage, hopefully early next month, we will be asking the whole sport to play its part - in a similar way to the outpouring of support offered to help restore Coventry and will be seeking volunteers to help with the project from tradespeople and the community to assist with this huge task with work anticipated to commence late January 21. Hopefully on 6th we will be able to complete the vision and make Odsal a reality after 23 years.


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